The Chapter of Change

“Stop feeling bad for yourself and find the brighter side.” – Rafael Solano

We are our own self critics. I am unhappy, but am not as proactive as I should be.

I am in that place now. Like I’ve mentioned before, I am not in an industry that I LOVE working in. You have high expectations coming out of college. “I’m gonna find a job that I will work at for the rest of my life.”

You have to learn when to cross the line, when the work experience you feel has taken you as far as you need it to.

I am at that point. It it is very common to just find me going through the motions. Work, sleep, eat, repeat. 5 days a week, 8+ hours a day. It gets monotonous.

I need change. I need a change of scenery. I need new experiences. i need a new zest for life, because my morale is pretty low right now.

You just know when something isn’t right, just trust your instinct.

Make your time worth it.

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