Surrender to the Moment

When you want something SO bad… but can’t quite put the words together.

I have been trying to make this cover letter for I don’t know how many days already.

I want it SO bad, you don’t even know. If I get this job, my commute literally cuts down to 5 minutes away from my house.

It’s just when I go to write this cover letter, it is just not flowing how I’d like.

“Anything I want, time is irrelevant. I’m going to allow myself that time to get it.”          – Gina Rodriguez


Gina Rodriguez was on a training run when she found out she got the role for Jane. She had been acting for 10 years up until that point. All she did was surrender… Surrender to the moment. Surrender to faith.

What is yours will BE yours.

I just have to have faith.

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