My Relationship with Valentine’s Day

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You don’t have to be in a relationship on 2/14 to be happy.

2/14 isn’t about sulking around about not being in relationship, but is a reminder to love yourself as well. It is a day revolved around love, not necessarily with a significant other, but to show self-love as well. Whether if that’s treating yourself to a show you’ve ALWAYS wanted to see, going to your favorite restaurant, or even binge watching your favorite show. Be happy.

The marketing around 2/14 is crazy. Every store you walk into is literally lined with roses, chocolate, cards, and candy.

Yes, I understand the feeling of receiving gifts on Valentine’s Day from previous relationships. I have also had expectations on this day myself.

I am guilty of it.

But now as I grow older, they’ve started to fade. A $50 bundle of gifts isn’t representative of someone’s love to me. Don’t get me wrong… if your girl loves those things, by all means go right ahead. 2/14 is just another day in the year that marks love. There is a whole other 364 days that could mean so much more.

I, too, am still learning to love myself each and every day.

It only takes one step. Just one.

“As I began to love myself, my relationship with everyone changed.”

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