The Unimportant Number on the Scale

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If there’s one thing that I’ve learned recently, it is to not let a number fully define your progress on your health journey.

I can admit in the last 2 weeks, there were instances where I personally put more pressure on that number. I would check my weight a couple days in a row and see no significant change.

The interesting part of my health journey is if I take into consideration the heaviest weight I’ve been at, I’m down actually 17 lbs, yet I was SO concentrated on this number that didn’t change.

To me it’s a reminder to take a look at the bigger picture and reflect on where you’ve come from. There will be days that are better than others, but with that being said don’t forget to celebrate the smaller achievements as well. For example today, I put on a pair of “skinny” jeans that I haven’t worn in awhile and to my surprise they were looser than before. All that matters is that you’re taking the steps forward, whether it is one or five or you end up running up the staircase, it’s progress.

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