The True Reason Behind “Introverted Ro”

This site originally started as a personal blog of mine to mainly capture thoughts and feelings I have at any certain time in my life. I very rarely go back and read what I’ve written before, but know it’s there if I need to reference it for whatever reason.

But there is one thing that I’m still struggling with. Being myself, as simple as that sounds. I could only hope that “Introverted Ro” would not only be an outlet to express myself but to help me tear down this wall inside me. Who I really am behind the surface and not having this hesitancy or fear about others judgment. This goes to say that I don’t have to be 100% transparent with my life, since I value privacy, but ultimately for me to just… not be afraid of just being me wholeheartedly vs. society standards for me to live my life. 

I just have to bring down this wall and be me and for those out there who are going through a similar journey… You aren’t alone. 

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