My Worst Enemy… Me.

I never realized how much I held myself back.

The topic of the podcast I listened to today: letting go of what holds you back.

The suggested journal prompt: What rules do you have about how you behave?

A few I jotted down:

  • I cant push forward unless I have a plan.
  • I have to know all the answers.
  • I can’t speak up all the time.

I wrote down 19 statements about my behavior rules. Out of 19 statements, 15 get in my way of moving forward.

That’s heartbreaking.

I have a good work ethic, I know I am capable of doing bigger things, but to visually see the self doubt and perfection written down on paper, it’s tough to look at.

As a woman in her 20s, its unfortunate how much we critique ourselves on how we should act. I’m guilty of this. It’s as a result of upbringing, societal roles, and judgment by others.

It’s beneficial to have good standards, but to take it personal if those standards aren’t achieved, shouldn’t be the end of the world. It’s a simple slip up and all it takes is to brush it off and take it as a lesson learned to improve next time.

2 thoughts on “My Worst Enemy… Me.”

  1. “As a woman in her 20s…”

    I relate so much to this particular bit… when I was in my 20s I put so much pressure on myself, and get so stressed because of my expectation of myself. I found myself relaxed much more now in my 30s, and more comfortable with what I am.
    And the part of being a woman as well… Asian women are culturally expected to excel in both career, and personal life, as well as looking like a model while maintaining social presence. I used to get this pressure so much, and it was reflected on my behaviour, and mental health.

    wonderful post Ro ❤ ❤

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