The Beauty of Friendship: The 7 Hour Phone Call

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7 and a half hours later and walking away from that conversation, I felt that if someone is meant to be in your life, it’ll happen. Your paths will cross and time will fall into place. 

I truly believe that my soul needed that conversation. 

I’ve known my best friend since we were freshmen in high school. If you met us back then, you would’ve learned WE WERE ATTACHED at the hip. If you saw one, you’d automatically see the other.

So when I attended college, I left thinking that our friendship would never change.

I couldn’t be anymore wrong.

As time went on, we drifted apart. We truly didn’t know each other anymore.

We would connect, but it was never on a deep level. It was more of catching up and small talk. It felt like we were acquaintances. I didn’t fully grasp at the time how much damage was being done.

Our life paths were just different. We could no longer relate to one another.

There were awkward times trying to maneuver this new dynamic. It was not easy.

It was new for the both of us. I for one was really bad at maintaining friendships.

Once I graduated college and returned to our hometown, everything just caught up with me.

All the times that I hadn’t responded to her messages, all the times I never reached out to her, I just wasn’t there when she needed me. I felt like an asshole. 

Up until last Friday, I honestly don’t remember the last time we had a heart to heart conversation as “best friends.”

Life experiences, moving away from our hometown, her entering the military, me going to college, the guys we’ve dated has made us evolve and mature.

I walked away from that conversation, knowing that we had to grow apart on our own in order to be close again later and I am forever grateful. 

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