The Pursuit of Unhappiness

I’m guilty of falling into routines. I don’t publish everything that I blog and I recently was skimming through my drafts. I couldn’t help but see a pattern.

“I’m unhappy because of this…”

“I’m unhappy because of that…”

For someone who is afraid of the lack of control, I unfortunately let life control me.

All of sudden you blink…

1 year… 2 years… 10 years of your life are gone.

One thing I’ve learned from this pandemic is to slow down. Do not forget to appreciate what you currently have, because you don’t know if that’ll change in an instant.

But also, do not forget to strive for what you want out of life.

I’ve spent a good portion of my life living a life that isn’t necessarily mine, but what others may have thought was best for me. ‘

It’s time to take control and tune more into what makes me happy.

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