Grow with Ro

I hit writer’s block.

It’s been exactly two months since I’ve since last posted.

Since then, I’ve focused on activities that have helped me further my personal development. To name a few:

1. Learning Korean

I started learning about 4 months ago and haven’t stopped since. I consume a lot of Korean content and listen to a lot of Korean music, so I figured why not?

2. Mindset Mentor Podcast

Ever since I’ve started listening to this podcast, it has made me dig deeper into myself. In my 20s specifically, a lot of time was spent “cruising” through life, and the podcast, in a way, has stopped me in my tracks. There are so many gems that I’ve listened to so far, and feel I found it at the right time as I approach my 30s.

3. Introduction to vegetarian/vegan food

I’ve had a vegan food subscription box for the last few months and it has definitely broadened my horizons with food. With being lactose intolerant and having acid reflux episodes from time to time, it definitely provides another alternative to meat. I’m not fully vegetarian or vegan in any way currently, but it has helped in adding more vegetables to my meals.

4. Meditation

I have tried meditation before, but have never stuck with it long term. It forces me to just sit in silence and be more intentional with my actions.

5. Running

Running provides me a time to be by myself and not be disturbed.

6. Singing Lessons

I’ve never been comfortable with my singing voice. With the exception of two performances I did in college (which were not solo), singing in public terrifies me, BUT feel that taking these lessons will DEFINITELY take me out of my comfort zone and eventually see where that takes me.


Change for the Good

IMG_6608A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” – Coco Chanel

Agreed. I have cut my hair at every milestone in my life thus far.

In 2009, I cut my hair before I graduated high school.

In 2013, I cut my hair to donate right before I graduated college.


Here I am again in 2017 to do it once again.

I am currently in an industry, I do not truly enjoy. I work in hospitality. With graduating from college, society brings you to believe that you’ll find a career you love soon after you graduate college. THINK AGAIN. For  being such a planner and having things thought out before executing, this was definitely one thing I didn’t have planned out by any means. I was so burned out during my last semester of college. I was so focused on graduating that I didn’t put in any effort to jobs.

I feel that this change is necessary. To me it not only means a change of physical appearance, but hopefully a foreshadow of what is to come.