Broaden your Horizons… Literally

Photo by Daniel Frese on

I wouldn’t consider myself an avid traveler by any means.

For crying out loud, the first time I flew was when I was 25.

Ever since then, it has lit a bit of a traveling bug. Traveling has always seemed to appear when my life needed it. Whether if it was right after a breakup or hitting a snag at work, traveling was an escape. Most of my traveling, in terms of flying, has been done solo. It forces myself me out of my comfort zone and be self sufficient.

Whenever I returned from a trip, I always returned on a high. It took my mind off any stresses and drama at the time.

But now with this pandemic, it made me realize, life is short.

Life is short to wait for that perfect time.

“I’ll wait to accrue time off at work”

“I’ll wait until someone can cover me at work”

For the amount of time we have on Earth, there are a lot of people that don’t get to explore or even leave the state, so at the point of my life, I’ve boxed myself in for SUCH a long time. Time to unbox!

I feel there’s just so much world out there, that would help broaden my horizons literally and figuratively speaking.

Until then, it’s a lot of planning and racking up credit card points, but ultimately seeing what else the world has in store.