When Creativity Strikes

If there’s one thing that has helped me stay sane during this quarantine, it has been painting. I’ve done a handful of “paint and sip” activities to help destress from work pre-COVID, but with the pandemic ongoing, it has helped me stay focused.

To be honest, I never really considered myself an artist growing up. Those titles go to the rest of my family: my grandmother (mother’s side), father, brother, uncle, and two of my cousins.

Maybe I am a creative at heart, but never zoned in on it for a profit.

I’ve just always enjoyed it.

Growing up, my creative side didn’t really start gaining traction until high school.

I grew up in the time of Myspace (shout out to the Top 8 lol), so customizing my profile was my thing. Making icons, backgrounds, gifs, altering photos, you name it, I did it. It even reached a point where I’d make backgrounds for friends as well.

In my previous job, I also made whiteboard art on our weekly activity whiteboard.

Creativity has always ended up finding me in one way or another.

At my current job, whenever a creative opportunity comes along, I literally enter a creative zone. Hours can go by and I don’t even notice. I’m just sucked right in. Whether if it’s creating a PowerPoint deck, designing a worksheet, it’s definitely one of those small joys that helps my day go faster at times.

To my other fellow creatives out there, what is your creative outlet? And how has it helped you during this pandemic?