The Turning Point

I somewhat feel I’m in an almost 30 life crisis.

I will be moving out before the end of this year.

To where? I have yet to decide.

Do I sign an apartment lease closer to my current job?

Or move to a more affordable city and change jobs?

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

I have reached a point where I can no longer live under the roof of my parents, it’s just time.

I am grateful that my parents allowed me to live at home for the past 6 years. Had that not been the case, I would have not been able pay off my car and my student loans.

It’s time to prioritize my well being and be in an environment that promotes personal growth.

There is a lot of uncertainty of course. The job search is definitely not the most fun process to go through. (I.e it took me about a year to find the current job I’m in, but it’s not in the industry I see a career in)

Although I value a lot of structure, I’ve also reached another point of… do I want to work for another company?

Honestly… Not really.

So freelancing and/or being an entrepreneur is an option on the table.

I don’t really want to be on another company’s timetable anymore.

With working from home, I’ve had time to think about how precious life is, how important your health is, and also to concentrate effort on what truly makes you happy.

I can admit I am definitely one of those people that hardly takes vacations. I definitely can cross into the workaholic territory very easily.


With this pandemic, I’m sure I’m not the only one ITCHING to travel. I caught the travel bug later in my 20s, so the pandemic sort of stopped my streak of traveling since 2016.

When the world reaches a more manageable environment to travel in or I get vaccinated or both, I definitely am booking a trip for sure. First on that list: Japan (and Korea)

I’ve been learning Korean for the past two months and would love to practice in real life and maybe learn enough Japanese to travel comfortably.

But until then, the focus now needs to be on furthering my development, both professionally and personally.

What’s most important is to have faith in my own competencies and abilities. It will not be an easy journey, but it will be worth it. Whatever’s meant to be, will be.


Home is Where the Heart is

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The home I currently am living in, I’ve been here for 18 years (with the exception of moving off to college.)

There has definitely been loads of memories. Heartache, tears, and milestones that have happened over the past 18 years. I’ve graduated high school, college, kick its, and just overall good laughs.

This house definitely has a very sentimental place in my heart. Very nostalgic.

I always thought that my parents would never move away from this house, but issues are starting to arise that make you question if it’s fixable.

I compare it to my dad’s old SUV. My dad owned a car for 17 years before finally trading it in. The expenses finally just started piling up and exceeding the value of the car.

Same goes for the house.

You just have to make the call before it gets worse.

If you’re unfamiliar with living in California, I have one word to describe it: EXPENSIVE.

I’ve lived in California all my life, so I can’t really compare to other states, but I’m aware of how expensive it is.

But when it’s all you know, sometimes making that move isn’t the easiest step.

I’ve been thinking about moving out for awhile, but the question is where?

I’ve always been calculated in making steps in my life, but maybe in this case, one step is all I need and see where life will take me next.