The Reality Check

As the day approaches of me leaving my job, it’s getting a lot more… REAL.

I took “vacation” time off to line my ducks up in a row.

These two weeks has made me realize the journey will not be easy.

There will be days where you will not have the motivation to do things.

There will be days where you’ll question, “Should I take this leap into the self-employed world?”

I’m definitely anxious in what my life will have in store in the next few months.


I won’t know that answer until I do it.

The Value of You

I’d be lying if I wasn’t scared of leaving my job in exchange for the self employed life.


Everyone hits their limits.

I currently am in an industry that didn’t take a huge hit during the height of the pandemic. I was able to work from home for over a year until I returned to the office.

I definitely was caught up in my workload and commute prior to 2020. My colleague had ALWAYS said this to me since the beginning, “I don’t know how much you’re making, but you’re not getting paid enough.”

She was ABSOLUTELY right.

I let the “fast-paced” environment swallow me whole. I didn’t give my feelings the attention and care it deserved, because it was always a constant battle of putting out fires at work.

I was raised on the ideal that hard work pays off. I don’t disagree with it now, but it doesn’t take into account what the company can/cannot do for you.

If I could give one piece of advice to a young professional early in their career, don’t undervalue yourself. Don’t equate your value on that hourly rate.

You’re worth way more.

This leads me to the present day. I’ve thought long and hard about my decision on becoming self employed. My value has exceeded what my current employer can do for me and with becoming my own boss, I finally get to provide myself the attention it has deserved all this time.